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Peer Tutoring and Shadow Teaching

As with any SABIS® school , here at the International School of Choueifat- Egypt we are firm believers that if we empower students with the knowledge and tools necessary they can run the school.

Bullying Prevention Pledge Campaign :The Year of Prevention

Prefects in the SABIS Student Life Organization® planned and organized a Bullying Prevention Pledge Campaign. They set out to raise awareness by going into classes to talk to students about bullying,

Double Success For ISC-Cairo

ISC-Cairo Varsity (under 19) football teams are celebrating a double success after both the boys’ and girls’ team won the Cairo International Schools’ Sports Association (CISSA) championships. CISSA is the sports association for the top international schools in Cairo and is highly competitive ISC-Cairo plays an active part in all CISSA events and these wins bring their tally of championships to 37 since 2005

ISC-Cairo Implements Recycling Campaign

The International School of Choueifat- Cairo (ISC-Cairo) recently launched a major recycling campaign.

ISC-Cairo and ISC-6 October Give Back through Adopt-A-School Project

In October of 2013, the International School of Choueifat-Cairo (ISC-Cairo) and the International School of Choueifat-City of 6 October (ISC-6 October) simultaneously rolled out the “Adopt-A-School” Project as part of their community social responsibility plan for the current academic year. Since then, students from both schools have been actively engaged in combining their efforts to raise funds to help improve the conditions of local government schools.

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ISC - Egypt offers prospective students academic placement at any time throughout the school year. There are no academic requirements for acceptance into Levels A, B and C (31/2 to 51/2 years of age). Prospective students at Levels A and B are interviewed, and for acceptance must be able to speak, to follow simple instructions and be toilet-trained. All other prospective students, up to level L (Grade 10), take diagnostic tests in the core subjects of English and mathematics (and a second language, as applicable). These tests help the school determine if the students have the minimum expected standard for the appropriate class. When the diagnostic tests have been marked and checked and the results considered, the final placement decision is made.

Students in the same grade level are not streamed: The SABIS® Software Systems permit mixed ability groups to be formed in such a manner that every section of a certain year is of the same overall standard as every other section. This method not only creates a very good learning mix but also allows the comparative analysis of results to have greater meaning. Parents and students do not have a choice of section. The Administration may change the section of a student only if there is a compelling academic or other reason.

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